Catalina Island

Bask under the Caribbean sun at Catalina Island, known for its gorgeous white sand beaches surrounded by tropical palm trees. The crystal-clear waters here are home to diverse marine life, making it a popular spot for snorkeling and diving—you’re bound to spot some tropical fish and even sea urchins if you’re lucky. You can’t stay overnight as the island is part of a nature reserve. Instead, pick a boat tour that will take you there, stopping along the way for snorkeling and sightseeing. Many island hopping tours often include Catalina as a stop, too.

Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavon, is an architectural wonder, a 16th century replica of a Mediterranean village perched high above the Chavón River. The village was designed by Dominican architect Jose Antonio Caro, and created by Italian master designer and cinematographer Roberto Coppa. Dominican artisans handcrafted the stone pathways, decorative ironwork, furniture and enchanting buildings, reviving almost forgotten crafts of metal work and stone carving. Under Coppa's direction, each stone was hand cut, each wooden door frame was handcrafted and each wrought-iron detail hand-forged. Construction of the village began in 1976 and the village was inaugurated in 1982 with the concert of Frank Sinatra at the amphitheater. Altos de Chavon was built as a center of culture for the Dominican people.

Altos de Chavon School of Design

Located in a small Mediterranean-style town, this school trains top Dominican artists in a wide array of fields.

Playa Mariposa

You definitely have to experience the beautiful beach while visiting. It felt so good to relax in the waters of the Caribbean and look out at the expanse of blue. Relaxation to the Max!!!

Teeth Of The Dog

Pete Dye’s signature golf course, the #1 course in the Caribbean, and the #39 ranked course in the world—Teeth of the Dog has a reputation that’s well deserved. Meticulously hand carved from the rugged rock and coral of the Dominican coastline, the hard-fought and challenging creation of Teeth of the Dog is an apt description for what playing a round can be like. #39 Ranked Golf Course in the World

Art Gallery at Altos de Chavon

While visiting "Altos de Chavón", you cannot miss "The Art Gallery". A small gallery exhibiting paintings, photographies, drawings, sculptures and crafts by international and Dominican artists, even including works by the local students of the "Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design". A quick visit and an opportunity to buy works of future famous artists, encouraging and rewarding their efforts toward their future careers. Enjoy!

Isla Catalina

After hotel pick-up from your Punta Cana or Bavaro hotel, arrive at the marina. Be welcomed aboard "Paradise" by the team with tropical refreshments. Your PADI-certified dive team will give health and safety procedures and a snorkeling briefing to ensure your experience is unforgettable but safe. Leave the marina and head for the east side of Catalina Island to the snorkel site "The Wall," catering to both novice and expert snorkelers. Life jackets are available here. During the journey, enjoy light refreshments and music. After approximately 30 minutes, arrive at the snorkel site and enjoy just under an hour of snorkeling. Expect clear turquoise waters, incredible visibility, and an amazing underwater ecosystem. After snorkeling, board the boat and head to the west side. On arrival, head to a private beach. There is a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments available. Snorkeling equipment is available at the bar so you can enjoy the snorkel sites near the beach. Lunch will be served at around 13:00. The Dominican feast will be prepared by a renowned local chef. Enjoy fresh lobster caught that morning, pork, chicken, salads, pasta, and local fruits.After lunch, the rest of the afternoon is free. Relax while listening to the waves breaking on the shore, snorkel in the clear turquoise waters, or enjoy the open bar. Finally, board the boat and arrive back at the marina at 4:00 PM. From there, board a bus back to your Punta Cana or Bavaro hotel.